Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Personal Odyssey

It's an exciting time for commercial lunar ventures; a realization in many ways of the pioneering work invested into Odyssey Moon over the last few years.

I am very proud of our achievements.

Most recently, NASA's announcement of over $30M in potential awards for commercial lunar activities is testimony to our efforts and pivotal in providing further incentives to entrepreneurial companies such as those known to be competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE and perhaps some new entries to the race.

It was a very challenging goal, we knew, to embark on a private sector effort to extend the powers of entrepreneurship and risk capital beyond our current economic sphere of Earth orbit. It is a goal that I remain firmly and completely committed to achieving.

However, as reported by Parabolic Arc today, I have departed as CEO of Odyssey Moon.  After founding Odyssey Moon and taking it as far as I could as its chief executive, the rationale for investing my time and energy timed out and I have had to resign as CEO to pursue funded ventures. I hope Odyssey Moon remains recognized as a seminal mover in the history of commercial lunar aspirations.

There are a lot of developments underway in commercial space that are very exciting and we will see many new permutations as entrepreneurs seek the formulas to make it happen.

The boundaries of a frontier are unpredictable in many ways; that's what makes it exciting.

I am thrilled that amazing people and ventures continue to rally to the vision of commercial lunar activity. Success favors the bold and I look forward to continued hard work harnessing the powers of private enterprise in creating an off-Earth economy and multi-planet civilization.

- Bob.